The Bill Martin trio

The Bill Martin Trio is a Dunedin-based Jazz ensemble comprised of Bill Martin (piano), Craig Sinclair (double bass) and Roy de Hamel (drums). Formed in 2011 with original drummer Lee Noyes, the group's unique sound was developed by recording practice sessions in the kitchen of bassist Craig Sinclair on a hand-held recorder. By improvising freely and listening very careful, the group developed an experimental approach that informed the composition of longer pieces by pianist Bill Martin. In late 2011, the group recorded their final concert with Noyes before his departure for Sweden, which was released in 2013 as a CD titled "The Waitati Concert" ( In the same year, the group briefly with drummer Kevin Finnigan to perform at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. After Noyes' move to Sweden, the group is now joined by youthful drummer Roy William de Hamel who has impressed many listeners by his technical virtuosity and ability to move seamlessly between musical genres. The trio also play jazz standards and have have access to local vocalists and horn players to form a bigger sound when required. Ideal for weddings and functions as we are a nice quiet trio, focusing on the quality of the music, while making the event enjoyable for people.

Genre: Jazz

Members: 3

Location: Dunedin (Otago)

Audio Samples