NZ Band and Musician Entertainment Directory - About Us

Ding Dong is an innovative website, designed to give bands the benefit of getting gigs without having to go through a traditional, costly booking agent.

The website allows musicians to keep 100% of the fee they charge and opens up a new and modern day type of service that is “by musos for musos”. Bands (and all artists) get onto the site FREE and pay no commission from the fee they negotiate with the venue or individual seeking entertainment.

While the site is free it certainly is not cheap; It is a professionally designed site that is easy to navigate and it will allow artists to have a web presence within a professional structure without spending their hard earned cash.

Rob Fitzpatrick and Maxine Baxter are partners in this new venture and together bring a wealth of experience from Rob's 40 years being involved in promotion and management of musicians both in NZ and California. This, combined with Max’s vision and understanding of social media and modern day marketing skills have created a quirky, fresh business model utilizing local talent that will see a completely new way of bringing together artists and those wishing to support live entertainment in a user-friendly, efficient, simple manner.

Both Rob and Max have a desire to increase venues and individuals utilizing live entertainment and noted that cost was a major factor which caused people to choose not to. By eliminating the middle man

  • the cost will become more affordable
  • musicians earn a decent fee
  • more live music will be heard
  • more people will dance and the world will be a happier place.

Rob and Max both live in Dunedin, and while Ding Dong is initially focused on assisting local acts, it is envisioned that the service will spread throughout New Zealand and beyond, they have already been approached by artists in Europe, California and Australia.

So don’t be shy and, before they do become international moguls, drop them a line… and who knows they may even shout you out for a coffee.